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Check out " A Poor Woman's Guide to College" by Rowdy Rebecca  at GirlMom.com

College Mom Magazine pays tribute to mothers and fathers  on college campuses who are earning their degrees, raising their children and inspiring us all. .Rita Naranjo, featured in College Mom Magazine in 2006  earned her B.A degree in 2004 from San Diego State University. In 2013, she graduated with her M.A, in Applied Sociological Practice from California State University. A foster care teenage mother at 17, she uses her education to advocate for other teenagers in foster care.  Now she teaches sociology at California State University San Marcos and San Diego City College. 


Rita Naranjo,

College Mom Magazine Editor

at Binghamton University.  After graduation she published an award-winning book, Tiger, Tiger.. ​Read her obituary in The Washington Post.

The University of Florida at Gainesville is a great college for student parents because of inexpensive family housing and great child care at Baby Gator, which takes children from 6 weeks to 5 years.


According to Candie's Foundation only 2% of teenage mothers graduate from college before age 30 (do you need more proof that not enough support is available?).

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It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Margaux Fragoso, who  was featured in College Mom Magazine in 2007 when she was a single mom and a doctoral student 


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Natalie Johnson, junior at John Jay College: Before I started college, I was a single mother to a one year old and I would work at one job as a deli clerk from 6am until 6pm then would run to pick her up from the sitters, drop her off to my parents’ house, shower and head to my other job at a fast food restaurant from 7pm until 5am.....

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